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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Transcend and Transformation

Many people are working on their New Year resolution. Some decided week ago what life changing events they wanted to make. A blogger recently explained, the single important change was to express love for the invisible person in his community. This is the person who supports his/hers local business, exults the high school’er not nurturing gang violence. The college graduates mentoring his community youth, using life skills situation to make their community the right place to live.

For me, I look to search within my spirit using my internal eye to see the vibration of life. With this internal eye, I see that I was born to share and to care. I’m soul searching from within.

For when I use my external eye I see people who lack the social skill not to fear, or believe they lack the ability to focus on their vision. I see violence, unethical business practices, and political corruption. Where mass media imagery would lead you to believe our world is sick and dysfunctional, a place where an exterritorial would plant a sign, beware of human.

“Come on man” it’s not that bad, Right? Sure, some days you just want to hang about in bed. Pulling the covers over your head feed up with life itself. In that moment, something starts to speak deep within you. Your inter-spirit illuminates bright images of light fighting to push through all that negative thought patterns you are experiencing. You concede to negativity encouraging yourself that you were born to be a blessing. Emanating peace and love for all. For the greatest commandment is to Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul. Moreover, to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

This love ethic brings you to love people, even if they are so stupid. This is the mind of God to love, for if it were up to me, only hate would exist. Therefore, I look within, to the solid love vibration to clean my mind in order to express the caring and sharing for those around me.

We are here to transcend from our mind and transformed into a being of love and peace that Jesus thought during His ministry. This transcends and transformation happens during deep struggle in your life. The lost of a love one or of a job, some health issue with you or someone close to you. Forces you to face the issue, and through prayer and meditation on the word of God you transcend your mind and transform to the will of God. The selfless act to humble yourself to peace and loving kindness is the match or connection of right living base on Jesus teachings. When you embrace this act, you continue to build a house of love, whose thoughts are in harmony with God.

For we are endogenous beings, yearning to know the newness of love, peace, giving and gifting. We find ourselves planted in the beliefs of lack and limitation indigenous to weary doubt and fear. That is why the hardship to transcend from our mind and transformed into a new being, to bring forth God’s will of Love. 

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