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Saturday, June 9, 2012

The multisensory human

Today is a good day to praise the Lord. For without Him, opening my awareness that I’m a spiritual being living a human experience would be obscured. This day I understand human events (experiences) are the driving forces behind fear, doubt, and worry. I understand that peace, love, faith, belief, and honor can’t be obtained through the experience of the world. Once I realized that, my life operates on two levels, the spiritual being, and the human experience.

Leading a spiritual life, as the Lord my God taught me is how I connect with peace, love, faith, belief, and honor with wholeness. Derived from within you can feel two parts of our being. As Gary Zukav imparts in his book: “The Seat of the Soul" he explains the two parts.
Part one, each of us was created with five senses. These senses, over time formulated what I call our physical awareness or (Physical Container). This awareness created our personality and character traits. If we experience unpleasantness, we become angry. A five sensory human learns over time this reactive state of mind. For instance, a person that needs to learn the lesson of trust will experience distrust from others. The five sensory human must learn primarily though his or her physical experiences through the density of physical matter.

Part two, the multisensory human. The five sensory human accepts every impulse and insight as his, her own, as origination within his, or her psyche. The multisensory human, what I call the (Precious Content) knows that this is not the case. Impulses, hunches, and subtle insights have assisted us on our evolutionary path from creation. From a Precious Content point of view, insight, intuitions, hunches, and subtle insights are messages from the spirit. It’s the eternal God spirit living within us, all the time. I live for His presence in my life, showing me how to bring peace, love, faith, belief, and wholeness to my life through works of faith. I no longer look to worldly things for joy of life. Come what may, I stand in the spirit of God Almighty, the Lord my God (the messiah Jesus) and the Holy Spirit. I call for you to understand that you are in the way of The Way. Let God lead you to understand the two states of being the “Physical Container” and the “Precious Content.”

The Physical Container is your five senses and your perceptions of the world. The hurt and pain of living a human experience of fear, lack, and hate as you react to the worldly things. All the while living as the world contaminates your Precious Content.

The Precious Content is to understand the five senses is managed by your multisensory vibration of the spirit of God present of peace, love, faith, belief, and wholeness.

Say today the cycles of a worldly life, will not influence how I react to the world. I’m influenced by internal belief of God’s will and acts of faith are shown through good deed for humanity.