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Monday, November 28, 2011

Let the Bell of freedom Ring

It is an interesting time for the Islamic faithful. Today large portions of Middle Eastern countries are weary of Autocracy and Totalitarianism rule with Islamic tendencies. As we watch these events unfold, will the secular world accept the new governments? As the Egyptian voters go to the polls and elect a new parliament. My hope is the new parliament can vote-in freedom for all Egyptians.

Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau has been quoted “We want a civil state, based on Islamic principles a democratic state, with a parliamentary system, with freedom to form parties, press freedom, and an independent and fair judiciary.” But, what paradigm does the military fit into this picture? People in Tahrir square died at the hands of the autocracy system, supported by the military. If Egyptians want a new chapter of freedoms, they must create a paradigm to abandon the military’s governmental power structure. As Egypt parliament rewrites their constitution, there in the military will report as a council to the Prime Minister and be consider not a closet totalitarianism structure.

I hope Egypt can align itself with God. Having a civilian based government with Islamic principles of faith based on categories of human behavior as the Quran defined as Sunnah. We must remember the practice of worshiping God is separate from running a government.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stay awake for temptation has come

How many times have you pulled a book from the shelf of your library, fully intending to complete several chapters, without distractions? But, only to discover after the second chapter, the story is less interesting, and your eyes began to become heavy and you fell asleep. You are awaken by a sound or something else, as you look around, the book your holding is slightly held in your right hand  while your left hand hangs over the chair arm. You realized the full intention of reading on is not of interest. As you search and come to find an overwhelming emotion of sad feelings, of a missed goal.

Most times our best intention doesn’t come true in many applications in life. Lost lovers, missed prom dates, missed meetings, foreclosed house, or a lost job, and even lost hope in corporate and political leadership. Our dysfunctional civilization, clings to hopes and dreams, and if not attained scars us emotionally, unable to comprehend if we live as an advance people.    

During times of struggle and lost dreams, the best comes out of us, shining beyond the tragedies of life. What can lessen these tragedies, living righteously propelling our civilization towards the next evolutionary phase? What stifles our ability to advance, sociological, psychological, or technological? We lack the courage to change our evolutionary path. The current value system rewards our consciousness and we feel things are ok. But are they?

Is the wealth dispersion ok with you? Knowing some people on this planet will try to sleep without eating food or to have clean water to drink tonight, are you ok with that? Sure, if you’re rich. How many 1%’ers are ready to walk away from their current paradigm. Give their wealth to the less fortunate, giving control to those who have no control. The 2011 Billionaires list broke two records, total number of listees (1,210), and combine wealth ($4.5 trillion). Now, the top 10 billionaires equate to 9 men with 1 woman. With 7-billion people on the planet, women should account for half of the top 10 billionaires. Why not? Representation is control; man’s ego is underdeveloped and shortsighted to relinquish control. Having the courage to relinquish control is perceived as not being successful. That bruises man’s ego and that is one reason why this civilization remains dysfunctional.          

Even during the time of Jesus Christ. People in his on camp fell asleep when situations demand staying awake causes one to fail. Was it not Peter, who Jesus asked to stay awake in the olive grove, before Jesus was arrested? Look at Matthew 26:41 "Keep watching and praying that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." Note the part ‘the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. We all must drink from the bitter cup. Troubles are sanctified and hearts are satisfied better than troubles are taken away.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Failure is not an option

This week the congressional debit committee wrestles with the message of their progress on lowering our national debit. News organizations are saying, “Sources tell us that failure to achieve a passable bill might be a reality.” Well I tell you failure is not an option, and here is the reason why.

For years, this country has prided itself by solving disease, creating robotics, inventing advanced airplanes, ECT... However, now, for reasons beyond comprehension we fail to or aren’t willing to pay the cost for living a lifestyle created from borrowed money. The fact is as we watch Europe make the hard decision required to maintain the euro. Don’t think living a lifestyle less than they are accustomed is something they look forward for? No, they aren't going to fail. Look, those who idolize wealth, freedom, and prosperity must come to grips and think with a clear mind and of one accord. Just like Europe is attempting to accomplish.

With that said, I liken our economic as a person sitting in a limo journeying down a narrow one-way street. They’ve been running stop signs, forgetting the suffering of others, that put them in the limo in the first place. Now a cliff, at the end of the road approaches leading them to devastation. The same devastation endured by Katrina, Irene and the 1%’ers financial debacle we experience today.

The U.S  congressional debit committee is attempting budget cuts and revenue enhancement that must happen. If the committee fails, the market will not. So, make the right choice now. Take the small pain to recover from your uncontrolled lifestyle, or the market won’t be so sympathetic, and force this country to incur a longer economic recovery. Therefore, congressional debit committee must develop a balance bill, pass it, and get it into law.

You see the Lord is watching after all. He will determine what pain we will endure.

Keep your prayers strong in the name of our Lord Jesus, for no other entity will care for you through harder times than Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Peace & Love

First Posting

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