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Monday, November 28, 2011

Let the Bell of freedom Ring

It is an interesting time for the Islamic faithful. Today large portions of Middle Eastern countries are weary of Autocracy and Totalitarianism rule with Islamic tendencies. As we watch these events unfold, will the secular world accept the new governments? As the Egyptian voters go to the polls and elect a new parliament. My hope is the new parliament can vote-in freedom for all Egyptians.

Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau has been quoted “We want a civil state, based on Islamic principles a democratic state, with a parliamentary system, with freedom to form parties, press freedom, and an independent and fair judiciary.” But, what paradigm does the military fit into this picture? People in Tahrir square died at the hands of the autocracy system, supported by the military. If Egyptians want a new chapter of freedoms, they must create a paradigm to abandon the military’s governmental power structure. As Egypt parliament rewrites their constitution, there in the military will report as a council to the Prime Minister and be consider not a closet totalitarianism structure.

I hope Egypt can align itself with God. Having a civilian based government with Islamic principles of faith based on categories of human behavior as the Quran defined as Sunnah. We must remember the practice of worshiping God is separate from running a government.

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