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Friday, December 2, 2011

Voter Suppression

Voter suppression is in full swing in this country. The pain endured by our Black leaders during the civil-rights era, has returned. Mrs. Copper a 96-year-old resident of Chattanooga Tennessee was refused a driving license, after showing numerous residency and identity documents, for failure to produce a marriage certificate. In some states, a Veteran ID card won’t suffice as a voting ID. You can die for your country, but you’re not eligible to vote because you lack a state photo ID?

Photo ID mandates are the most pervasive new restriction on the right to vote. In 2011, Republicans have proposed these laws in more than 30 states, requiring Americans to possess and show unexpired government-issued photo identification as a prerequisite to voting, but a Veteran ID is invalid in some states.

If you know someone who wants to vote this year, assist him or her to obtain a valid photo-ID card. Don’t abandon our struggle against James Crow Esq. for it's an essential part of our ancestral duty.

For more information regarding voter suppression, see the attached link.


  1. Hi Mr. Warren Irving Jr., I came across your name and blog on Inspirational Bloggers, I just became a member. Great article mann, I have been following this story on msnbc, and this move by the GOP is so diabolical, and mis-guided. You would think that as the "Leaders of the FREE WORLD" we would lead the fight in voter accessibility. Keep us aware.

  2. Thanks for this Warren! Great Info.