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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Love the Lord with all you Heart

Love the Lord with all you Heart, Soul, Mind, and Love your neighbor as yourself.

It’s time to put the Lord back into our life. This country stands at the crossroads of change. Some look to keep status quo alive, others seek and ask questions about a life-style that fits the new generation. Some look to change government intervention, where applicable to keep this country strong. On the other hand, I keep my joy in praising the Lord with all my Heart, Soul, Mind, and fine ways to Love my neighbor as I Love myself.

For me my purpose is the advancement of the Kingdom of God not by judgment or inquisitiveness but with compassion and sincere Love for others. These principles guide me, through my walk in life as I seek to Love my neighbor as I Love myself. Who among us can Love someone else if you don’t Love yourself?

As the next phase in this politic process begins, stay true to what you must do to receive eternal life. Yes, health care, and dependence on Middle East oil even the crisis of climate change is a worthy cause. But don’t forget nothing will happen without God on your side. You must think of Him first and ask Him for His blessing before change will come. You must stand strong with the Lord so he can bless you with success.

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